We love hearing from our customers. Here are some unsolicited comments we would love to share with you.

  • Adrien C. - Eagle, Idaho In an entrepreneurship class I teach at an International Baccalaureate school, one student's business plan included research on multiple roasters. Coronado coffee sent samples of multiple different blends. The coffee drinkers in the class were elated at the chance to sample the coffee. Here is what students said: "I would be willing to pay more for this quality than Starbucks!" Another said, "Why have I never heard of these guys, I love this blend!?" Yet another said, "I can't believe the quality... the taste alone invigorates me. Dutch Bros has NOTHING on these guys!" and many more.
    Thank you Coronado Coffee Roasters.

  • Sheri D. - Timberon, NM "When we moved to the mountains, I didn't think my mornings could get any better.... then we discovered Coronado Coffee. Best coffee we've ever had, full, rich and smooth!! LOVE IT!!"

  • J. Bower - JLB Renovations, Phoenix, AZ "I absolutely love Coronado Coffee, but far beyond that - it has truly been like a "magic talisman" for my business! My business has multiplied beyond my imaginings! Do I do the best job I can for my customers? Absolutely! But it's the fact that I go above and beyond to do what others don't do - I give my customers a small bag of Coronado Coffee in appreciation for their business. This is the "little extra" that sets my business apart and makes my customers think of me first instead of the thousands of other contractors available! I have had people tell me specifically that it was the coffee that caused them to remember me. In fact, in one situation the gift of a small bag of Coronado Coffee led to a major remodel of a flood damaged home! My business stays booked several months out! Thank you Coronado Coffee - for me and my wife's enjoyment of your superb coffee and for helping my business grow!"

  • Jerry S. from "Donuts Plus" of Holbrook, AZ: "People love Coronado Coffee and it's helping to build repeat customers for us. We are happy and proud to serve it and I feel that it will be a real asset to the business for many years. It makes our shop smell fantastic!"

  • Todd M of Tucson, AZ: "My wife has a certain reflux condition that prohibits her from drinking most coffee because of the acidic nature - which is a bummer beyond words because she LOVES coffee! Alas, she discovered she did not have this acidic reaction with Coronado Coffee [Organic Sumatra] and thus, YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND! Please send coffee fast so my wife can resume her blissful drinking!"

  • Frances of Mesa, AZ: "I have been drinking coffee my whole life and have tried many different kinds, but I feel like I have never known what good coffee is supposed to taste like until now!"

  • Jarrod & Rachel of St. Louis, MO: "We drink Coronado Coffee daily and enjoy it so much that I give it to my business customers as a 'thank you' gift. It's a delicious coffee to drink any time of day."

  • Bob M. - US Foods Beverage Mgr., Las Vegas, NV: "My wife & I really enjoy the Sumatra Coronado Coffee. The quality is always consistent with a superb taste profile. We especially enjoy the whole bean freshness that is always evident in every cup. Keep up the good work!"

  • Danny K. - Owner of Three Peaks Outdoor Sports, Idaho Falls, ID: "We have used a number of different companies in the past but have never found anything that compares to Coronado Coffee. We really like it and will continue to offer Coronado Coffee at our business."

  • Ron C. from the land of Enchantment, NM: "Hey Coronado Coffee - Just a quick note on how fantastic your freshly roasted coffee is and how it has improved my coffee drinking quality. Grinding our own coffee, as you recommend, truly makes the freshest cup of coffee. My favorites (so far) are Guatemalan & Sumatra. I love to switch coffees during the week because I know it doesn't matter which kind we brew, we are going to enjoy a wonderful, rich cup of coffee. I am living in coffee paradise! Thanks for introducing me to a new standard of coffee."

  • Zoe from White Rock, NM: "I LOVE the Gourmet Decaf! My doc told me I had to cut out caffeine. I didn't think it was possible until I tried Coronado Coffee. Now I even grind my own to take when traveling because it has so much more flavor than any other decaf.... Occasionally, I still have to splurge and Sumatra and Guatemalan are my other fav's, but this could change since you have so many others that I must try!! Thanks, Coronado Coffee! You have truly spoiled me!! Does this mean I'm becoming a coffee snob?!"

  • Fred & Ellen L. - Red Brick Realty, Mesa AZ: "We've been using Coronado Coffee for several years, both personally and with our real estate business. The wonderful variety of coffees they roast are all so good it's difficult to pick a favorite! Whenever we sell a home, we always add a bag of Coronado Coffee to the "Welcome Home Basket" and we invariably get rave revues on the coffee."

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