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We bring over 30 years of experience in the coffee business and have previously provided coffee instruction to the renowned Scottsdale Culinary Institute. It's a labor of love; combining expertise and passion to ensure that your coffee experience is rewarded with evocative aroma, transcendent flavor, and exceptional body.


At Coronado Coffee, we use only 100% Arabica, gourmet specialty beans. What does this mean to you? "Gourmet" indicates the quality level of the beans - only 15% of the world's Arabica beans are truly gourmet. "Specialty" beans are harvested individually at the peak of their perfection. The grower may have to harvest the same estate three to five times each season to ensure that only the ripe cherries are selected. This contrasts with mechanical harvesting or mass harvests when all beans are picked regardless of their ripeness.

What else makes Coronado Coffee the most delicious coffee experience? Our two-pound coffee bag's "one way" valve keeps the oxygen out and locks the flavor in, ensuring fresh coffee. More importantly, the knowledge and experience of the roaster is key. Proper roasting brings out all the wonderful nuances of a coffee's full bodied flavor. This is part science, part art, and requires a very discriminating palate as well as experience. At Coronado Coffee, we bring over 30 years of experience in the coffee business.

We don't roast until you order, so your coffee will be the freshest you have ever tasted! We are a small batch roaster so we don't maintain an inventory of roasted coffee. We want your coffee to be the freshest possible, so we don't roast until you order and we will generally ship the coffee out the same day!

These factors, the hand selection of premium coffees, the level of knowledge & experience of our roastmaster, and roasting fresh coffee for each order, combine to make Coronado Coffee unique in the coffee world. As our loyal customers attest, you will notice the difference and so will your customers.

It is our intent that our coffee will be a delightful
accoutrement to any meal and a morning ritual to relish!

What Our Customers Have to Say

Adrien C. - Eagle, Idaho In an entrepreneurship class I teach at an International Baccalaureate school, one student's business plan included research on multiple roasters. Coronado coffee sent samples of multiple different blends. The coffee drinkers in the class were elated at the chance to sample the coffee. Here is what students said: "I would be willing to pay more for this quality than Starbucks!" Another said, "Why have I never heard of these guys, I love this blend!?" Yet another said, "I can't believe the quality... the taste alone invigorates me. Dutch Bros has NOTHING on these guys!" and many more.
Thank you Coronado Coffee Roasters.

J. Bower - JLB Renovations, Phoenix, AZ "I absolutely love Coronado Coffee, but far beyond that - it has truly been like a "magic talisman" for my business! My business has multiplied beyond my imaginings! Do I do the best job I can for my customers? Absolutely! But it's the fact that I go above and beyond to do what others don't do - I give my customers a small bag of Coronado Coffee in appreciation for their business. This is the "little extra" that sets my business apart and makes my customers think of me first instead of the thousands of other contractors available! I have had people tell me specifically that it was the coffee that caused them to remember me. In fact, in one situation the gift of a small bag of Coronado Coffee led to a major remodel of a flood damaged home! My business stays booked several months out! Thank you Coronado Coffee - for me and my wife's enjoyment of your superb coffee and for helping my business grow!"

Jerry S. from "Donuts Plus" of Holbrook, AZ: "People love Coronado Coffee and it's helping to build repeat customers for us. We are happy and proud to serve it and I feel that it will be a real asset to the business for many years. It makes our shop smell fantastic!"

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